Bloomsday in Brazil

Date: 16 June 16, 2007
Music & Song
Art Exhibits
With a Joycean Flavor
From the Santa Maria, Brazil Bloomsday website:

Aguinaldo Medici Severino writes:
"Bloomsday 2007 is our 14th regular event in Santa Maria - RS (Brazil). Like all around the world it will be again an event with readings, music, poetry, some food and drink and surely joy. Our basic idea is to recreate that day with spirits and readings from Ulysses and other
works of Joyce. We intend to read parts of the original text in English and some translations in French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Russian and Portuguese (I have volumes of these translations and I intend to aggregate more in the future). It will happen first, in the morning, at "CESMA", a bookstore, with coffee and readings; and in the afternoon at "Ponto de Cinema Pub", a regular pub of the city, with Guinness and some whiskey. There are a lot of photographs at my web site to have a better idea of the meeting:

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