Irish Language, English-speaking Audience: Breaks and Continuities

Deadline for abstracts: March 29, 2007
Related to the recent announcement by the Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS), three possible panels are under consideration. Two will be chosen based on responses. One candidate is the following: Irish Language, English-speaking Audience: Breaks and Continuities. Papers should explore impressions and influence of the Irish language in literature written in English. The panel may include discussions of various representations in various media of historical breaks and continuities in Irish language literature from the 17th century to the present. MLA/ACIS request that 200-word abstracts be sent to Joseph Lennon by March 29, 2007. Presentations may not exceed 20 minutes. All panelists must be ACIS and MLA members by the summer. For additional information, contact Joseph Lennon, Literature Representative, ACIS 2005-07 (and BC alum!)

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