Gaelic Football in Boston

Paul McCarthy writes:
I'm secretary and PRO of a local gaelic football club here in Boston called Christophers. The Christophers club is one of the oldest in existence in the Boston area with a long a prestiguous history. Up to now the existence of the club has relied heavily on Irish people immigrating to the Boston area, but due to the changing times with the booming Irish Economy fewer people are immigrating, thus forcing us as a club to adopt if we are to remain in existence.

The future of sustaining our Gaelic games here in the US is to try to get more Americans involved in the sport, and this is where I am seeking your help.

Is there any forum in Boston College through whom I can get the word out to anyone who is interested in joining our club as an officer or a player?

Here is a url that explains the history of the game:

Please contact

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