Louvain Summer School

As part of the Louvain 400 celebrations, a Summer School will be held in St Anthony’s College, now the Louvain Institute for Ireland in Europe from 21 to 25 May 2007.

The focus of the Summer School will be the contribution of the Irish in Europe during the seventeenth century. Topics for discussion will include Irish cultural identity, the foundation of St Anthony’s College, Louvain, the Irish Colleges in Europe, the writing of Irish history, the great Irish Franciscans project (including the compilation of the Annals of the Four Masters) and the state of Ireland in the 17th century.

Louvain 400 is part of the national celebration of Shared Histories which will also commemorate the Flight of the Earls in 1607 and the death in 1657 of the eminent Irish Franciscan Luke Wadding, founder of St Isidore’s College in Rome.
For further information see www.louvain400.eu.

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