On Broadway: A Hometown Film

''On Broadway," the Boston-Irish-American-themed independent movie, is playing on April 26th and 29th at the Boston Independent Film Festival. The cast includes Jamaica Plain's Joey McIntyre, who stars as a carpenter and playwright who stages a show in the back of a local Irish pub.
Joining McIntyre are ''Saturday Night Live" actor and Burlington native Amy Poehler (BC '93) and her husband, Will Arnett, of the late ''Arrested Development". The BC connections don't stop with Amy Poehler; director Dave McLaughlin is a 1995 grad, producer Kris Meyer and assistant director Greg Smith represent the classes of 91 and 95 respectively, and executive producers Henry and Donna Bertolon's son John is in his first year at BC.
The film, which is set in Jamaica Plain, will be shot by LA-based cinematographer and South Boston native Terrence Hayes.

Event listing & tickets

An article on the film from Boston College Magazine

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