Yahoo! group established for the study of the Ros Muc dialect

This is in from Éamon Jeffers:

"A group has been set up here to study Caint Ros Muc, the book and recordings of the Ros Muc dialect that were made back in the 60s. They contain really interesting stories, and we'll have the chance to practice our spoken Irish – both listening and speaking. There's a lovely natural rhythm to the Irish in the recordings, and every word is transcribed in the book.

"We'll be working as a team – more pleasing than working on your own, of course. The group would be suitable for anyone who has already read Learning Irish, or a similar course. But there's no need to be fluent. If our Irish is a bit clumsy, if we can't easily understand spoken Irish, if we speak Irish with some awful accent, then we hope to fix those problems by working together.

"If you're interested, or if you can help us, then you'll be welcome."

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