2009 Irish Seminar

The Keough Naughton Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame presents the 2009 Irish Seminar from June 15-July 3, 2009 at the Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre in Dublin. Titled "Apocalypse and Utopia," the program deals with a wide variety of issues in both Irish and English language literatures.

Seamus Deane will offer a week-long seminar series on themes to do with civilization and catastrophe in Irish and European modernisms; Kevin Whelan deals with literature, history and the trauma of the Northern Irish Troubles; Luke Gibbons discusses crises of subjectivity in Irish writing from romanticism to modernism; Breandán O Buachalla addresses apocalyptic and utopian thematics in Gaelic literature; Laura O'Connor's series considers Irish feminism, poetry and the politics of language; and Joe Cleary deals with twentieth-century Irish cultural criticism and the end of empire. As well as several other individual lectures, there will also be three public keynote lectures, followed by in-house talks and discussions, by Paul Bove (University of Pittsburgh and Editor of boundary 2), Elizabeth Butler Cullingford (University of Texas at Austin) and Declan Kiberd (UCD, author of Inventing Ireland).

The aims of the Irish Seminar are to promote ambitious new scholarship in Irish Studies and to generate a supportive environment that will nurture the intellectual poise of young scholars. To apply, visit the Irish Seminar website.

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